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Pues, ahora puedes ver una oracion que yo tengo que escribir para los graficos, asi el sitio se parece bien. Tambien, estos graficos y todo el sitio es por Ice's Zelda Central.

Music: Remixes

Any file that was sequenced by "Ice" may not be used on your own webpage without the webmaster's written permission!

There are other remixes and special versions found scattered throughout the other sections, as well.

Total Songs: 19

Cartoon Theme
Song Title: Sequenced By: Comments:
Cartoon 1 Unknown  
Cartoon 2 Ice The Cartoon Theme, as told by Ice.
Cartoon 3 Ice Platinum Ecstacy version.  (Platinum Ecstacy was Ice's band, for those of you that didn't already know!)
Combo 1 Unknown  
Combo 2 Unknown  
Overworld Remixes
Overworld Remix 1 Unknown  
Overworld Remix 2 Unknown  
Overworld Remix 3 Unknown  
Overworld Remix 4 Ice Another remix that was done by Ice.
Gallery Overworld Remixes
Gallery 1 Ice  
Gallery 2 Ice  
Gallery 3 Ice  
Gallery 4 Ice  
Other Remixes
Zelda Dance Remix Ice Another remix by Platinum Ecstacy!  Check it out!
Water 1 Unknown  
Water 2 Ice Ice's remix.
Zelda NSF Files
Zelda 1 Koji Kondo So, what exactly IS an NSF file?  Well, it's a special kind of sound file with music taken directly from the game cartridge.  Since the music is taken right from the game, it sound exactly as it would when played from the NES.  All that you need to listen to these files is this Winamp plug-in.  Or, if you don't have Winamp (what the heck is wrong with you?!), then this simpler DOS program will allow you to listen to these files.  Note: to switch to the next track, simple click on "Next Track" in Winamp, and simply follow the on-screen instructions in the DOS version.  This file has 8 tracks, by the way.
Zelda 2 Koji Kondo With 16 tracks, and everything from the Overworld theme to the background music of the final level (my favorite tune in the entire game), this one is must download.
Zelda 2 (Jap) Koji Kondo This one has everything that the last file has, plus a few extra sound effects.  This NSF file has a whopping 45 tracks!

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