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Pues, ahora puedes ver una oracion que yo tengo que escribir para los graficos, asi el sitio se parece bien. Tambien, estos graficos y todo el sitio es por Ice's Zelda Central.

Music: Sheet Music

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To view these files, you will need WinZip (or another program capable of reading .ZIP files).  Just click on the link, download, Unzip, and view!

Total Songs: 2

Sheet Music
Song Title: Sequenced By: Comments:
Gerudo Valley Ice Gerudo Valley is currently the most popular Zelda song.  So when I asked fans what song the wanted first, naturally, I got tons of mail screaming "GERUDO VALLEY!"  So here you go!  Note that this only the Nylon Guitar portion of the song (but it can be played on piano, guitar, etc.), so some parts are harmony, and not melody, so if it sounds a little bit funny in some places, that's why.
Classic Overworld Ice Another song that was constantly mentioned to me was the classic overworld theme from Zelda 1, 3, and 4.  The top staff is the melody, the second staff is the harmony, and the last staff is the bass.

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