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Pues, ahora puedes ver una oracion que yo tengo que escribir para los graficos, asi el sitio se parece bien. Tambien, estos graficos y todo el sitio es por Ice's Zelda Central.

Music: Zelda 1

Any file that was sequenced by "Ice" may not be used on your own webpage without the webmaster's written permission!

Total Songs: 41

Song Title: Sequenced By: Comments:
Intro 1 Ice The Classic Zelda Intro, as told by Ice.  One of the best, well-known Zelda pieces to date, even for recent Zelda fans.  With the right sound card, this file can make your computer sing like nothing you've ever heard before.  This one sounds the best on most sound cards out of the Zelda 1 Intro group.
Intro 2 Ice Another remix that I did of the Zelda 1 intro.  This one has more Harmony and a chime-effect to it.
Intro 3 Ice ANOTHER one that I did, with some strong percussion and a stereo-piano thing.
Intro 4 Ice Another one, with more atmosphere than any of the others.
Intro 5 Unknown One of the first Zelda files on the 'net that I didn't create.  On basic sound cards, it sounds most like the original.
Intro 6 Unknown Slow.  Really slow.
Intro 7 Jarel Jones Nice.  A lot of major-to-minor key changes.  I'm pretty sure that's what the maker of this file was going for.
Intro 8 Ice A deep, sci-fi one. Great stuff.  On the right sound card, this one is definitely the best of the bunch.
Intro 9 Unknown A slow, relaxing remix of the Intro theme.
Intro 10 UnknownA version with a lot of horns and other... things...
Intro 11 Jarel Jones A nice remix that was made using the piano and the flute.  An excellent version of one of my all-time favorite Zelda songs.
Intro 12 John N. Engelmann A nice orchestrated remix.  Even a little bit o' stereo!
Intro 13 Unknown An excellent remix utilizing the flute and the piano.
Intro 14 PJ Barnes A slower version.  Good use of percussion and horns.
Overworld 1 Ice Don't worry, I wasn't trying to be accurate with this one.  I think it sounds cool.  Unique, but cool.
Overworld 2 Ice Sci-fi Zelda.
Overworld 3 Jeffery M. Colletti Sounds very close to the original.
Overworld 4 Unknown All-piano version.
Overworld 5 Ice Good stereo; Platinum Ecstasy style.
Overworld 6 Unknown This remix of the classic Overworld theme uses the orchestrated approach.  If it weren't cut so short, it would probably be the best version here.
Overworld 7 Unknown The Overworld; jazz style.
Overworld 8 Ross Alex A nice "water" remix.
Overworld 9 Unknown When I found this, it was labeled as "Zelda Mario Paint."  I guess this is what a remix of the Overworld Theme would sound like when sequenced in Mario Paint.
Dungeon 1 Unknown Dungeon.  Cool.
Dungeon 2 Unknown The chords hit in fast and full in this version.
Dungeon 3 Unknown The mildly famous version with "A Final-Fantasy thing to it."
Dungeon 4 Ice The best remix here, with cool surround-sound chords and electric guitar melody.  I even surprised myself with this one.
Dungeon 5 Ice I modified the "Dungeon 3" above, and tweaked it a bit to make it sound better.  It all depends on the sound card, really.
Dungeon 6 Jorge D. Fuentes A nice "chimey" version of the Dungeon.
Dungeon 7 Michael Crowe A more orchestrated version.
Level 9
Level 9 Unknown The background music to Level 9.  Sounds pretty close to the NES version.
Gannon Appears Johan Fall The music that plays when you meet up with Gannon.
Ending Princess Peach Toadstool Either you like this song, or you don't.  People generally DON'T.  It's kind of catchy, though.  Ah... the shame....
Game Over
Game Over 1 Princess Peach Toadstool You hear this when you die.  It's a pretty good piece of music.
Game Over 2 John Sjogren Ehh, so-so.
Die John Engelmann The short piece that plays when you lose your last heart.
Triforce 1 Jeffery M. Colletti The little clip that plays when you find a piece of the Tri-force.  VERY close to the original.
Triforce 2 Johan Fall A nice version using the orchestrated approach.
The Flute Jax Mandrake Did anyone else notice that the flute in Zelda 1 and the flute in Super Mario Bros. 3 both play the same melody?  It's just one of those cool little secrets that Miyamoto threw in there for the heck of it.
Secret Discovery Sound PJ Barnes The clip that plays when you unlock a secret.

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