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Pues, ahora puedes ver una oracion que yo tengo que escribir para los graficos, asi el sitio se parece bien. Tambien, estos graficos y todo el sitio es por Ice's Zelda Central.

Music: Zelda 2

Any file that was sequenced by "Ice" may not be used on your own webpage without the webmaster's written permission!

Total Songs: 39

Song Title: Sequenced By: Comments:
Intro 1 Unknown The Zelda 2 Intro is one of the best Zelda pieces ever made.  It's also one of the least heard ones.
Intro 2 Ice Really sci-fi sounding.  My sci-fi remixes seem to be really popular, so I've made sure that I did a lot of them, especially with this game, because the music offered so many possibilities!
Intro 3 Ice My awesome stereo programming makes this the best of the Zelda 2 Intro bunch if you just have a basic sound card.
Overworld 1 Unknown Not all that much to this file, but it brings out the classic melody well.
Overworld 2 Ice My sci-fi version of this classic song.
Overworld 3 Ice Great stereo.  This one sounds especially well with headphones!  Definitely the best of the Zelda 2 Overworld bunch.
Overworld 4 Unknown This one sounds kind of like the original, but slower.
Overworld 5 JILost Good percussion, and this piano with a lot of reverb to it.  Nice.
Overworld 6 JILost Just like the above file, except this version uses slightly louder percussion, and horns instead of the piano.
Town 1 Jeffery M. Colletti The quiet and peaceful Town theme.
Town 2 Ice My perfectly played piano bass really makes this the most unique version of the town theme.  You HAVE to give this one a listen!
Town 3 Ice Sci-fi and stereo.  What more could you ask for?  This one is a lot more mellowed out than the others.
Town 4 Jeffery M. Colletti (arranged by JILost) Cool electric piano thingy, and some flute.
House Jeffery M. Colletti The very full-sounding house theme.
Cave 1 Ice Probably the second-best song in Zelda 2.  You just can't get enough.
Cave 2 Ice Very unique and sci-fi.  Also one of my greatest remixes EVER.
Cave 3 Ice Stereo... and... "Chimey."
Temple 1 Ice The hits just keep coming.  The Temple song is another one of Zelda's greatest hits.
Temple 2 Ice My sci-fi version.  Gotta love... space!
Temple 3 Ice Cool Electric Guitar in this one, that deviates from the melody quite a bit.
Temple 4 Ice Another great sci-fi rendition, only with a lot of surround-sound stereo stuff.
Temple 5 Jeremy (MIDIeval) Gilbert The person that sequenced this one decided to go with a more orchestrated approach.  Very nice.
Temple 6 Unknown Not bad!  Gotta love the piano.
Temple 7 Jeffery M. Colletti (arranged by JILost) A nice remix using an "electric" sounding keyboard, and drums.
Temple 8 JILost A modified version of Temple 7.
The Last Temple
The Last Temple 1 Ice The Last Temple in Zelda 2... positively the best song in the game.  Fully orchestrated by me (Ice) and ready for your ears!
The Last Temple 2 Ice Even fuller and more orchestrated than the last.  Perhaps this is my best remix EVER.  GIVE IT A LISTEN FOR CRYIN' OUT LOUD!
The Last Temple 3 Ice We have some electric guitar in here and a few different background themes.
The Last Temple 4 Ice The sci-fi approach again.
The Last Temple 5 Unknown Another remix using the orchestrated approach.
The Last Temple 6 Johan Fall Wow.  Download this.  Now.
Boss Theme
Boss Theme 1 Unknown The Boss Theme.  Not much to this piano version, but it gets straight to the point quite nicely!
Boss Theme 2 Unknown A fairly simple version of the Boss Theme.
Ending Credits
Ending Credits 1 JILost A nice version of the Ending Credits using the piano and some percussion.
Ending Credits 2 JILost A nice variation of the above file.
The Flute
Flute 1 Unknown Similar to the original.
Flute 2 Bob the Ghost All flute here.
Flute 3 Jax Mandrake A bit too fast, but otherwise this one is the closest to the original.
Princess Zelda Awakes Fredrik Klingwall The melody that plays when Princess Zelda is awakened.  A simple but effective version played with the horns and flute.

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