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Pues, ahora puedes ver una oracion que yo tengo que escribir para los graficos, asi el sitio se parece bien. Tambien, estos graficos y todo el sitio es por Ice's Zelda Central.

Music: Zelda 3

Any file that was sequenced by "Ice" may not be used on your own webpage without the webmaster's written permission!

Total Songs: 41

Song Title: Sequenced By: Comments:
Intro 1 Unknown Nice, but it feels like it was cut short.
Intro 2 Ice I expounded on the above version, but didn't finish it.
Intro 3 Unknown The beginning musical sequence.
Intro 4 Ice My rendition of the Intro.  The best one here.
Dark World
Dark World 1 Ice One of the best MIDI's I've ever made in my entire life.
Dark World 2 Ice Basically the same MIDI as above, but expanded upon it.
Dark World 3 Ice A true powerhouse of sound.  You CAN'T miss hearing this one!
Dark World 4 Unknown A pretty accurate version.
Dark World 5 Unknown A good song can only be done SO MANY times.  This one sounds more like a real orchestra.
Dark World 6 Ice Sci-fi, stereo, and strong bass.  What more could you ask for?!
Dark World 7 Ice All electric guitar in here!
Castle 1 Ice A really surprised myself at how accurate this one turned out.
Castle 2 Ice Some strong organs and bells.
Castle 3 Ice Stereo, a lot of harmony, and sci-fi stuff.  Another one of my many masterpieces.
Dungeon A
Dungeon A 1 Unknown A really mesmerizing piece of music.
Dungeon A 2 Ice You thought the first one was gonna give you nightmares?  Take a load of THIS.
Dungeon A 3 Ice Had enough yet?  Didn't think so.  Check out these organs.
Other Dungeons
Dungeon B Ice This one is STRONG.
Cave Ice This one is WEIRD.
End 1 Unknown A beautifully orchestrated piece.  I couldn't have done it better myself.
End 2 Ice Wait... maybe I COULD do better myself!  You be the judge.
End 3 Ice A shorter version.
End 4 Ice "Anything you can do, I can do better".  That is, if you have the right sound card.
Credits 1 Unknown The Credits theme is how the Overworld theme was intended to sound in a string orchestra.
Credits 2 Ice This one is definitely... unique.  Sounds REALLY terrible on most sound cards.
Credits 3 Ice Ah... much better.  This one really rocks.
Credits 4 Ice Hehe.  Cool.
Fairy 1 Ice An absolutely beautiful piece.  Probably the prettiest Zelda song ever written.
Fairy 2 Ice A bit different.  This one has some piano.
Overworld 1 Ice This was IZC's theme song in it's first few months of life.  It takes the original overworld theme and adds a few very nice twists.
Overworld 2 Ice The BEST out of the Overworld bunch.  CHECK IT OUT!
Overworld 3 Ice Another goodie.  Gotta love that guitar!  The stereo doesn't hurt this one much, either!
Kakariko Village
Karkariko Village 1 Unknown Very nice.
Kakariko Village 2 Ice Even nicer.  More of a modern rock feel to it.
Sanctuary Unknown The very nice and unique Sanctuary song.  This is one of my favorites in the game.  I used to start at the Sanctuary all the time just to hear this mesmerizing piece.
Game Music Unknown This MIDI is VERY nicely done.  Whoever did this deserves a lot of respect.
Triforce Theme
Triforce Theme 1 Ice A very beautiful and emotion-filled song.
Triforce Theme 2 Ice This version kinda messes it up.  At least on MY sound card.
Woods 1 Ice Zelda 3 probably had the best music out of the entire series, and the Lost Woods theme is just another trophy to add to the trophy rack of songs.
Woods 2 Ice Electric guitar.
Woods 3 Ice Weird chimey stuff.

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