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Pues, ahora puedes ver una oracion que yo tengo que escribir para los graficos, asi el sitio se parece bien. Tambien, estos graficos y todo el sitio es por Ice's Zelda Central.

Music: Zelda 4

Any file that was sequenced by "Ice" may not be used on your own webpage without the webmaster's written permission!

Total Songs: 55

Tal Tal Mountains
Song Title: Sequenced By: Comments:
Tal Tal Mountains 1 Ice The Tal Tal Heights theme is probably the best song in the game.  That's why I made a lot of versions of it.
Tal Tal Mountains 2 Ice More harmony in this one... plus, some really... weird... stuff...
Tal Tal Mountains 3 Ice Slow and powerful.  Kinda.
Tal Tal Mountains 4 Ice Gotta love some o' that sci-fi stuff!
Tal Tal Mountains 5 Ice A simpler version I formatted for use for an intermediate rock band (with a good guitarist).
Tal Tal Mountains 6 Ice Really spiffy stereo stuff.
Tal Tal Mountains 7 Unknown A funky version... I guess with the right sound card, it has a hard rock thing to it.
Tal Tal Mountains 8 Unknown This one uses a lot of percussion and piano.  Cool.
Tal Tal Mountains 9 Unknown Kinda like the GameBoy version, but a little bit more "chimey."
Tal Tal Mountains 10 Unknown An orchestrated version.  Very nice.
Wind Fish
Wind Fish 1 Unknown OUCHHHHHH!  EYUCK!  AARGH!  YIKES!
Wind Fish 2 Unknown The Basic melody.  Very nice, because it has an echoing thing to it.
Wind Fish 3 Unknown Interesting bass.  This is the version that plays when Marin teaches you the song.
Wind Fish 4 Ice One of my versions of this song.  Sci-fi! (sorry, I'm addicted to sci-fi :-)
Wind Fish 5 Ice The best version of the Wind Fish ever created!  At least I think so.  But I'm the one that made it.  That means a lot, considering how hard I am on myself :-)
Wind Fish 6 Unknown A VERY nice remix of the Wind Fish theme.  This one has some clarinet, some piano, and some horns.
Wind Fish 7 Unknown A version with horns, and a really weird drum beat in the background.
Wind Fish 8 Unknown The Wind Fish theme; Rock 'n' roll style!
Various Dungeons
Cave Unknown A very unique song.
The Moblin's Headquarters 1 Ice Groovy electric guitar stuff.
The Moblin's Headquarters 2 Ice Groovy chime stuff.
Level 1: Tail Cave Unknown VERY close to the original.
Level 2: Bottle Grotto Unknown One of the best dungeon songs in the game.  Ambient and atmospheric.
Level 3: Key Cavern Unknown The background music to level 3.  Sounds like the original.
Level 4: Catfish's Maw Unknown Did any other musicians notice that each of the dungeons have the same core music theme?
Face Shrine Unknown A somewhat spooky remix of the Southern Face Shrine.
Color Dungeon Unknown The background music to the bonus level that comes on the GameBoy Color version of Zelda.
Wind Fish's Egg
The Wind Fish's Egg 1 Unknown This song is one of the best in the game, if you give it awhile.  It has the hints of melody and thought that only really good musicians can execute.
The Wind Fish's Egg 2 Ice The weird-sounding Sci-fi rendition.  This one turned out pretty nasty.
Overworld Unknown The Zelda 4 Overworld takes the classic theme and adds a very nice twist to it.
Player Select
Player Select Unknown A clever variation of the Overworld theme.
The Woods
The Woods 1 Unknown One of the most unique pieces of Zelda music.
The Woods 2 Ice My sci-fi rendition of this unique song.
The Woods 3 Ice Stereo.  Nice-sounding trills.  The stereo seems a tad unbalanced, though... hehe... oops.
Mabe Village
Mabe Village 1 Unknown One of the best pieces in Zelda 4.  Nice, quiet, and peaceful.
Mabe Village 2 Ice This one is pretty weird... at least on MY sound card.  The higher notes sound really nice, though.
House Unknown The nice variation of the above piece.
Crazy Tracy Unknown Tracy is about as crazy as they get, and her theme song is no exception.
Indoors Unknown Very peaceful.  The echoing melody really adds a lot to this song. This was one of the most cleverly programmed songs on GameBoy ever.
Shop Unknown The nice little piece that plays when you enter the Mabe Village Shop.
Animal Village
Animal Village 1 Unknown Definitely the "wildest" song in the game.  More songs should have been made like this one.
Animal Village 2 Ice This one was given a very unique, cool sound to it.
Richard's Villa
Richard's Villa 1 Ice My favorite song in the whole game.
Richard's Villa 2 Ice My favorite remix of my favorite song in the whole game.  A bit slow, but the stereo programming is VERY effective.  This is when I realized that I was a true master musician! :-)
Game Over Unknown The nice, soft Wind Fish variation that plays when you die.
The Boat Unknown This is a nice one!  It has an addicting effect... scary... eh?
The Trendy Game 1 Ice Another version of the "Game music" was the Trendy game.
The Trendy Game 2 Ice I gave the above file a bit of spicing up.
The Frog's Song of Soul Ice I don't know WHAT I was on when I decided to sequence THIS one...
Mr. Write 1 Ice Very nice.  Another one of the lesser-known, great pieces of music in the game.
Mr. Write 2 Ice Slower and with more feeling and emotion put into it.
Telephone Booth Unknown I must be crazy or something, but this song makes me laugh out loud every time I hear it.  Hmmm....
Intro Theme Ice Good stereo in here.  I rock :-)
Dream House Ice Short but sweet.
Fairy Fountain Unknown The nice piece that plays when you enter the Fairy Fountain.

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